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Qashqai Persian Rug | Wool | 210 x 132 cm

Qashqai Persian Rug | Wool | 210 x 132 cm

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Woven by women in nomadic tribes in Persia.

Dimensions: 210 x 132 cm | 83 x 52 inch

Origin: Qashqai Persia

Material: Wool

Age: 50 years old

Construction: Hand Knotted


Qashqai carpets, originating from the nomadic Qashqai tribes of Iran, possess a rich and storied heritage that spans generations of skilled craftsmanship. Woven with a deep sense of tradition and cultural pride, these carpets hold a special place in the heart of Iranian artistry.

The Qashqai tribes, known for their nomadic lifestyle, have a long history of creating handwoven carpets that reflect their unique cultural identity and artistic expression. These carpets are meticulously crafted using techniques handed down from one generation to the next, making each Qashqai carpet a testament to the enduring skills and dedication of its weavers.

The designs of Qashqai carpets often draw inspiration from their nomadic lifestyle and surroundings. Nomadic motifs, geometric patterns, stylized flora, and fauna grace the surfaces of these carpets, narrating stories of the Qashqai people's journey and heritage. The use of bold, vibrant colors and contrasting shades adds to the visual appeal, making Qashqai carpets a stunning display of authentic tribal art.

The wool used in Qashqai carpets is typically sourced from the sheep of the region, and the natural dyes used in the coloring process further emphasize the carpets' connection to the land and its resources. This traditional approach to materials and dyeing enhances the carpets' character and imbues them with a sense of organic beauty.

Beyond their artistic allure, Qashqai carpets hold cultural significance for the tribes. These carpets often played a multifunctional role in the nomadic lifestyle, serving as portable floor coverings, warm bedding, and decorative pieces that added color and comfort to their tents. The weaving process and the design of each carpet often carry symbolic meanings, representing the tribe's beliefs, customs, and identity.

Over time, Qashqai carpets have captured the attention of collectors, interior designers, and enthusiasts worldwide. The authentic craftsmanship and unique designs make them sought-after pieces of art that complement a wide range of contemporary and traditional settings.

Care Instructions

A Guide to Caring for Your Wool Carpets:

1. Embrace the Gentle Touch: Treat your wool carpet with tenderness, for its fibers thrive when handled with care. Refrain from wearing shoes indoors, and encourage your guests to do the same. This practice shields the carpet from unnecessary wear and tear, preserving its cozy texture.

2. The Ritual of Regular Vacuuming: Ensure a clean and welcoming haven by embracing regular vacuuming. Employ a vacuum cleaner with a suitable setting for wool carpets, and use a soft brush attachment to delicately whisk away dust and debris.

3. Embrace a Damp Cloth: For accidental spills or localized stains, address the situation promptly with a damp, clean cloth. Gently blot the affected area, avoiding any harsh rubbing that may damage the fibers. Swift action and a gentle touch can prevent stains from setting.

4. Periodic Professional Care: Treat your wool carpet to a spa day with periodic professional cleaning. Engage the services of experienced carpet cleaners, well-versed in the intricacies of handling wool rugs. This gentle restoration ensures its vibrancy endures throughout the years.

5. Guardian Against the Sun: Shield your wool carpet from direct sunlight, as prolonged exposure may cause its colors to fade. Position your cherished rug away from windows or adorn it with sheer curtains to preserve its radiant hues.

6. A Seasonal Spin: Equalize wear by rotating your wool carpet periodically. This thoughtful rotation distributes foot traffic evenly, allowing your treasured piece to age gracefully.

7. Underlay as a Guardian: Enhance the comfort and longevity of your wool carpet with the addition of a suitable underlay or padding. This safeguard shields the rug from friction with the floor, preventing unnecessary wear.

8. Storage Rituals: When storing your wool carpet temporarily, roll it gently and secure it with clean, breathable fabric. Store it in a cool, dry place to protect it from moisture and pests, allowing it to retain its allure until its next grand display.


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