Giedre Mockeliūnaitė

After studying psychology and acting in New York City, USA, the artist Giedrė Mockeliūnaitė returned to Lithuania and started painting. Since 2018, the author of the exhibition has been combining different branches of art and incorporating them into the whole of her work. Painting for me is the culmination of all the art that has accumulated inside after so many years of experience acting in cinema and theater stages, modern dances or studying in New York drama schools. As an artist, it is important for me that I can share another field of art - each of them complements each other in its own way and helps to reveal itself even more in creativity"

Mėlyna Nr.4 / Blues Nr.4 / 2024

Having dedicated 2023 to the creation of the "Kind Of Blue" exhibition, the author dedicates this work to her greatest inspirations - music, jazz sounds and the beloved artist Miles Davis, one of whose albums is named after him. "In the exhibition, I draw the boundaries between sound and visuality, as if celebrating the rich and dear to me improvisational spirit of jazz music, merging with painting. With this exhibition, I invite visitors to a sensory journey through the world of jazz and one of my biggest inspirations - music."

The author's work often explores her own childhood imagination and emotions, which were influenced by a childhood enriched by imagination and creativity. As a result, the paintings often feature childish, fictional characters and bright colors that represent her inner child and the imagined dream world of her youth. G. Mockeliūnaitė's work uses a mixed technique - oil, acrylic paints, pastilles, various textures, bright colors, which are expressed in large-scale canvases. The artist combines different tempos of creation, starting with energetic strokes and movements, later moving to slow and careful completion of the picture.